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Healing Meditations


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Every book purchased, profits from RESILIENT go to help children in Nicaragua  get a education, and help Orphans in India. These are two ministries I support. 

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Nicaragua School

Jonathan and Lisa live in Managua, Nicaragua with their 2 children. For over 9 years, they have been sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their community. They use their home (garage as seen in the pictures), as their school. With a few chairs, and a standing white board, they teach those who are interested, English. They feed them a meal, fellowship regularly in their home, and just share Jesus and teach English with their community. To have an education past the age of 12 in Nicaragua, is a privilege. Those who know some English, fare better at getting a job, then a person who does not know English.

So, Jonathan, Lisa and their 2 children, have taken on the mission to share Jesus and Educate as many people in their community who are interested.

CONTINUED I have supported his ministry with my little over these 9 years. He takes the call to reach the lost and help the poor seriously…and Jonathan and Lisa are hands on with their community.

They would like to offer more teaching resources for their students; books, bibles, dictionaries, pencils, paper, notebooks, backpacks, even a computer. Of course, it takes more than a few people to provide these materials for their home school…and I am looking for partners to help.

When God called us to love our neighbor, it meant anyone, not just your next-door neighbor. Some persons may even argue, well we need to take care of our own country’s needs. And if that’s your thought, then I hope you are doing just that through ALM” S giving.

Psalm 41:1-2 states, “Blessed is h who considers the poor; The Lord will deliver him in time of trouble, The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive, and he will be blessed on the earth; You will not deliver him to the will of his enemies. The Lord strengthen him on his bed of illness, You will sustain him on his sickbed.

Will you consider giving a donation and or sponsoring a child or an adult for $50.00? Currently, Jonathan and Lisa have 5 students, and they would like to supply each of them with:

A backpack, notebook, tablet/paper, pencils, dictionary, spanish to English textbook                                                                    

Other items they are looking to add to their school are another white board, Teacher textbooks (English to Spanish), and certificates so they can give each of them upon graduation. And any other teaching resources materials.

I will be sending $50.00 to sponsor one student for the purchase the supplies above, and for any orders of my book RESILIENT for the month of March and April, I will give a 10% of each book.

Will you please consider helping.

Or send your donation to:

Nicaraguan School

PO Box 390683

Deltona, Florida 32739





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