Arise and Believe Conference June 2021
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Suzanne is a single mom of one. She knows the struggles of single parenthood and the importance of the Christian community in raising a child. She's journeyed the bitter path of divorce, struggled with fear and anxiety and has known loneliness and secondary homelessness. Moreover, Suzanne has known God's ongoing faithfulness to heal the inner man and the Joys of being restored. Suzanne has learned the power of LOVE through a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ (an ongoing journey). Her God-given mission is to bring Hope, Healing, and Encouragement to the Body of Christ through writing, teaching and speaking. She has a passion for teaching God's word through the daily application of spiritual disciplines.

Suzanne resides in the Central Florida area and attends Church on the Living Edge in Longwood, Florida. In addition to working as a nurse and writing, Suzanne is a Licensed Chaplin and recently graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, in December of 2020.

Healing Meditations

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